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Compassion and care for our clients is most important to us. Consult with us, be it a divorce, child custody, international move aways, ex-parte court requests, etc. Read More

Emergency Services

10 years of work experience in information and technology

False allegations for domestic violence

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you have to understand your rights immediately.

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10 years of work experience in information and technology

Child Abduction

If the other parent has removed your child from their home state you must act immediately.

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10 years of work experience in information and technology

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is imperative that you seek protection immediately.

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10 years of work experience in information and technology

Emergency asset protection

If your spouse is dissipating the community assets you must obtain court orders immediately.

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Transforming difficult and complex divorces into meaningful outcomes for all parties. How?

  • Extensive knowledge and experience on California and International issues.
  • The ability to articulate with confidence an individual's rights during a divorce or separation.
  • Over 4 Decades of combined experience in family law and accounting.
  • Transparency & honesty on a realistic end GOAL.


I was devastated when my son’s mother left CA with our son without notifying me. As soon as I found out I tried desperately to get her to come back, but she refused. I contacted Desai Family Law Group and her team was outstanding. They walked me through what my options were. They were thorough in the information they asked of me. They thought of things that had never crossed my mind. When my papers were prepared and I was asked to review them, I knew I had hired the right firm. Everything was so detailed. When I went to court Ms. Desai blew me away. She was professional and made arguments to the judge that he wanted to hear. She was referring to law that the judge already stated he knew because it was filed with my documents. I was impressed at how thorough and effective my attorney was. I know for certain that I would not have achieved the outcome I did without Ms. Desai and her team.

 , Los Angeles

I contacted Desai Family Law Group when I was desperately seeking to change attorneys as my attorney at the time was not returning my calls and my case was not moving along the way I wanted. When I contacted Desai Family Law Group I was able to get in to see Ms. Desai who evaluated my options on how to best proceed with dividing the assets and our family business. She provided me information that was not known to me. I spent a fortune with my prior attorney and Ms. Desai was able to conclude my case with an amazing outcome. I would recommend Ms. Desai and her team to anyone who asks me for a divorce lawyer.

 , Los Angeles

I had an order that required me to pay in excess of $2,000 per month in spousal support. I heard from my son that his mother had remarried but I was unable to locate any proof of her remarriage. I hired Desai Camino Law who investigated the matter and found out that my ex wife had remarried in another state. This meant my spousal support terminated…

 , Los Angeles
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