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Child Abduction

Has your ex (or even another family member) taken your child? Have they threatened to take your children? Is someone keeping your children’s passports hostage? Have your children been removed from the county, state, or country without your consent?

If any of this applies to you, you may be dealing with a child abduction case.

Although the term “child abduction” is often associated with images of a child kidnapped by a stranger, most child abductions are actually linked to family members. Family abducted children may be taken by a father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even siblings. Regardless of which family member has taken your child, it is crucial to take immediate steps to bring you child back.

A parent or family member may resort to taking a child for a number of different reasons. Often, a parent involved in a divorce proceeding or heated custody battle may take their child to avoid losing custody. Other times, a parent may unilaterally decide to move away to retaliate against the other parent. It is important to remember that (absent a best-interest of the child/children finding by the Courts) no one parent has more rights to a child than the other.

Although you may be feeling helpless and overwhelmed with having your children taken away from you, our firm can offer you the solutions you need. At Desai Camino, we will use our experience and legal resources to help bring your child back. Our team has a record of successfully fighting against family abductors for both domestic and international abductions.

Domestic Child Abductions

If a family member has taken your child across city, county, or state lines without your permission, they are engaging in domestic child abduction. There are numerous state laws prohibit this action and there are several avenues Desai Camino will take to defend you. Even if the abduction already took place, there is a strong chance to keep the legal fight local in California. Don’t delay as the longer you wait, the more you risk having to fight the abduction case far away from home.

We will begin by acting quickly to take emergency legal avenues. Our firm has years of experience filing temporary restraining orders and temporary custody orders to grant you relief and keep your child safe.

International Child Abductions

If someone has taken your child outside the United States without your consent, they are engaging in international child abduction. Although this is taking place outside the country, California law could still apply; California courts may still be able to order your child back. Moreover, our firm will help you explore other resources as well, such as how the International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act considers international parental kidnapping a federal crime and could result in extensive fines and prison time for the abductor

Regardless of whether your child has been taken domestically or internationally, Desai Camino will fight to protect you and your child/children. Our team will be dedicated towards establishing a strong defense by compiling exhibits and witness lists, preparing motions, negotiating with opposing counsel, and taking any other means necessary to dispute these claims. We understand that the thought of losing your child is devastating, let us take the steps necessary to fight to return your child/children back to you.

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