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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy in representing our clients has been one developed over years of successfully fighting for our past clients: preparation, preparation, preparation–a well prepared case leads to a successful case.

Many people go through their cases thinking that a settlement must be “all or nothing” This is not true—a case can be settled in parts, eliminating the issues that are agreed upon so that the main focus of your case can be on the disputed items. Our firm has learned over the years that the parties often already agree on many issues in a family law case. It is rare to see a case where not a single issue can be settled or resolved. Being able to focus on these “low hanging fruit” helps eliminate them from needing to be fought over at trial so you can focus your attorney’s fees on fighting for the items you can’t agree on.

If there’s a settlement available (even a partial settlement – on favorable terms to you) we will pursue it. It is vital to remember that preparing for trial (or at minimum giving the image that we’re preparing for trial) not only helps us be better prepared for your settlement opportunities, but also stops the other side from trying to take advantage of any fear they may think you have in going to trial. Let us do the fighting, so you don’t have to.

Too often we have seen clients consult with us after their prior lawyer has spent their entire “war chest” of money with no results. We’ve even seen a few cases where the prior attorney got the client a favorable result but at a ridiculously unreasonable cost. At the end, whether you were able to settle your case partially or not at all, our goal is to fight for your rights while keeping an eye on your budget. Don’t be surprised when your we (as your lawyers) remind you that it’s not always wise to spend $10,000 chasing after a $5,000 item. Let us use your litigation budget prudently and maximize your returns efficiently.

Consistent with our philosophy, our goal at Desai Camino is to get you in, protect your rights, and get you out, with as little cost and stress as practicable. We are excited to show you how our unique client-centered representation can be put to use in defending and fighting for what you’re entitled to under the law.

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