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Business Owners

Are you struggling to balance running a successful business while dealing with a heated divorce? Are you worried that your divorce might jeopardize the money you’ve earned, the empire you’ve built, and the business you’ve grown? 

The above questions aren’t limited to the business owning “in-spouse”, but also applicable to the “out-spouse”. Is your spouse deliberately hiding money to prevent you from receiving your entitled portion? Did you help your spouse grow their business/empire and now you’re feeling them try to pull the rug out from under you?

If so, we can provide the solutions you need.

Going through a divorce is stressful, especially when it involves individuals with highly valued assets. It may be challenging for you to juggle your daily responsibilities with the added stress that comes with a divorce. If you or your spouse have considerable financial assets, you may encounter an elevated level of complexity when dealing with the equitable distribution of your property.

Our firm has a record of representing both business owners and spouses of business owners through the property division process of divorce. We are committed towards working vigorously to protect your interests by taking all legal avenues necessary. Our team understands that divorce cases involving business owners requires an emphasis on particular economic factors. Financial considerations such as business valuation and tracing assets are crucial in divorce with business owners. With our firm’s years of experience, including experience in public accounting, we know how to meticulously research the possible legal tools to support your case including accessing skilled experts, understanding the nuance of numerous cash-flow directions, negotiating with opposing counsel, and untangling the potential web of assets.

On top of the emotional challenges that arise during a divorce, cases involving business owners present a new set of complex issues. At Desai Camino, we know that one of your primary goals should be to defend your rights, including your financial rights. We want you to keep doing what you do best while letting us do what we do best. Our team will work tirelessly to protect your assets and develop a strategy to resolve the challenges presented during your high asset divorce. 

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