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Fathers Rights

Do you feel like your role as a father is being diminished in your child’s life? Are you in the middle of a breakup or divorce and feel like you are being alienated from your children? Are you certain you are the father of a child and want to secure your position as a parent? Are you curious in getting a genetic test to prove/disprove your fatherhood?

If any of this applies to you, we can provide you with the guidance you need. Fathers are not second-rate citizens in California, hire a law firm that understands that.

There was a time in California where mother’s were given preference over children, especially young children. This line of thinking was called the “tender years” doctrine. California has abolished the “tender years” doctrine long ago! California Family Code now repeats in various different sections section (3011(b), 3020(d), 3040(c))   “The court shall not consider the sex, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation of a parent, legal guardian, or relative in determining the best interests of a child.”

When it comes to children, fathers deserve the same rights as mothers. Generally, children thrive when two parents are involved in their caretaking and it is important for them to have the guidance of both parents. Whether you are trying to prove your paternity or seeking to gain valuable time with your child, it is crucial to act quickly and assert your parental rights. At Desai Camino we understand that your involvement in your child’s life is instrumental to their emotional and developmental needs and we will work tirelessly to develop a personalized strategy unique to your case.

Paternity – Establishing and Contesting

When establishing/contesting paternity, it is essential to act fast. The paternity process often includes strict timelines with deadlines that must be met. 

If you’re seeking to establish paternity, your paternity and participation in your child’s life could be jeopardized and expire if you wait too long. Our firm can guide you through this process including first conducting DNA testing to confirm your paternity. It is imperative to not only perform this paternity test as early as possible, but to make sure the results will be accepted by the court. Our attorneys are well-versed in what constitutes a court-admissible test and will help you through this emotionally difficult time.

If you’re seeking to contest paternity, the strict timelines also apply to you. Waiting too long could have a Court order you to support a child that you didn’t realize wasn’t yours until it’s too late.

Parental Alienation

During a heated custody battle, it is common for one parent to exclude the other parent from the child’s life. You may be feeling like the other parent is seeking revenge against you by manipulating your children. Other times, the parent could be using alienation as a means to gain increased visitation time for themselves. Parents may do this directly by restricting your access to your child or indirectly by encouraging your child to distance themselves from you. Sometimes parents do this by inappropriately including the children in the divorce or custody battle or telling the children rumors about the other parent’s affairs or private life.

Whether the other parent is directly or indirectly attempting to alienate you from your children, they are ultimately hurting the child involved and acting against your child’s best interest. Children flourish when each parent has a regular and reliable presence in their life. Our firm will help develop an appropriate parenting plan that promotes frequent and meaningful contact with both parents to ensure your parental rights are protected.

At Desai Camino we have a record of successfully awarding fathers joint custody of their children with a frequent and continuing visitation schedule. These cases are often difficult to litigate, but we have developed legal strategies that have consistently worked. Our team will create a strong case by meticulously searching through possible evidence including threatening messages from the other parent, testimony from your children, and DNA testing to prove your paternity if necessary. Although many fathers may feel as though they aren’t entitled to equal time because of their work schedule, our firm has years of experience securing favorable outcomes for fathers even if the other parent is stay-at-home parent. We understand that the thought of losing your time with your children is devastating, but we will ensure that your parental rights remain intact.

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