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Asset Protection & Retention

Is your spouse attempting to make a play for property that isn’t theirs? Is your spouse trying to take half of something you spent significant time building? Did your spouse just withdraw a lot of money from your accounts? Is your spouse gambling money, spending it on an affair, or running up credit cards and other debt all while you’re concerned on how this may affect you?

If any of the above sounds familiar, you need emergency asset protection. While the family code and law are very specific about not concealingany assets from your spouse (requiring full disclosure), you are still well within your rights to protect your assets from your spouse and from improper division. There are various mechanisms available, motions (and emergency motions) that can be filed, ways to transfer and move your assets around to shelter them – all while honoring the duty the Court imposes on you to fully disclose.

Desai Camino has the experience and knowledge to properly advise you and walk you through protecting your assets, even on an emergency basis. If you are reading this page, it is because you likely realized that there is no time to waste. Call us immediately for a consultation and get your assets and estate protected before your spouse puts it further at risk!

Whether you need something done on an emergency basis, or you want to begin planning ahead of time before things get ugly (as many cases tend to do), we are ready to help you.

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