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Anaheim, CA: Desai Camino, APC (formerly Desai Family Law Group), a family law firm based in Orange County, California, is pleased to announce the promotion of Angel Camino to the position of Partner with the firm, Desai Camino, APC.

Hughes & Hughes LLP: Prior Law Firm

Prior to joining Desai Camino, Mr. Camino focused his entire legal career on complex family law litigation at the prestigious law firm of Hughes & Hughes, LLP working directly with Lisa Hughes (attorney and CPA), on her high-profile caseload. It was there that Mr. Camino amassed the experience and cultivated his vigor that clients enjoy from large law firms.

Desai Camino is excited to take Mr. Camino’s large law firm experience with Lisa Hughes, and couple it with the dedication, relationship-based, personalized and efficient approach that Desai Family Law Group has been proud to provide; this leaves Desai Camino with the unique ability to provide a level of service that combines the best aspects of a large law firm with the best aspects of a boutique law firm.

“We are delighted to have Mr. Camino become a Partner with the firm. Mr. Camino has shown himself to be an exceptional family law attorney with an innate desire to put our clients first.” says Swati Desai, the firm’s Founding Partner.

Mr. Camino received his Juris Doctor from University of California, Irvine, School of Law (2013) and earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in both Finance and Accounting, with a third focus on Economics from California State University, Fullerton.

About Desai Camino

APC: Desai Camino, APC has been protecting their clients’ rights with decades of experience in combined family law focused legal experience. With a central office in Orange County, California, and a presence as far south as San Diego and as far north as the San Francisco area, the firm is dedicated to representing clients through their domestic legal issues up to the most complex of financial and custodial matters that include both domestic and international components.

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