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Are you in need of a family law child custody specialist in California?

There’s an unparalleled feeling of security that comes with calling the person just right for the job, no matter what that job may be. For example:

You’ve got a hot date coming up. This person is perfect, and is obviously worthy of all ‘best-foot-forward’ efforts. You have your most entertaining stories and conversation topics planned out. You have a great outfit to wear, not to mention, one that you flatteringly fit so well because you’ve been going to the gym. You’ve sought the help of your hairstylist for a blowout, and called for an appointment with your nail tech – all of whom are licensed cosmologists, with different skillsets. Helena Hairstylist can tame the unruliest of manes, while Nancy Nailtech is a master at anything acrylic or gel related. They have what you need to look and feel your best. With that in mind, how would you feel about going to the nail salon to get your brows done?

Mr. Fix is the well-loved maintenance guy in your apartment building has aptly earned his name throughout the years. He thoroughly believes that duct tape is for amateurs, and has every hardware tool imaginable. He’s got you covered on the basics – plumbing, plastering, broken windows, lights, everything you need to make your place livable. One day, your internet service has been reduced to a crawl for an unknown reason, and you decide that not only would you like this issue fixed – you are also in the market for a service that will bolster your internet speed and protect your data. Would Mr. Fix It have the right tools and knowledge for your home tech conundrum?

Last example: You need a heart surgery. Would it make sense to expect your general M.D. to perform the operation?

These fairly common scenarios are meant to illustrate once caveat: success is likely with a specialist. Sure, there’s the convenience presented by the range of talents of a “Jack of all Trades”, but if you have ever stood in awe of someone who has mastered their art, you’ll know that it’s not the same. Whether it’s your look, your lines of communication, or your life, chances are you want to work with the best.

The same could be said in your family law matter. There is no shortage of lawyer jokes claiming that we are a dime a dozen. Apparently, there are ten lawyers for every doctor in the professional realm. So while we roll our eyes and feign an unenthusiastic chuckle at this statistic (and others), know this – there is an expert for everything. With that said, where does one in a bind start when looking for help with a family law matter?

Your best bet is to look for a CFLS, a Certified Family Law Specialist. A Certified Family Law Specialist is an attorney recognized by the State of California, who has devoted 5 years of their practice exclusively to family law while passing a rigorous set of exams and the earning the respect of their fellow colleagues and judges. Here are three reasons why you should hire a certified specialist in your family law matter today:

  1. A CFLS’ credentialed are STACKED. Let’s take a look at the academic life cycle of your typical lawyer. Their good grades in high school earned them a spot at a good college. Upon graduating college, they got the attention of the law school admissions council with their high LSAT score and GPA. After up to three years in law school, your well to do JD student prepares themselves for the California Bar Exam. Upon passing, your well to do JD now becomes an esteemed ESQ. A CFLS take that time line to the next level by dedicating five years of their practice exclusively to family law. Following those 5 years, a CFLS gears up for a smaller, more concentrated version of the bar exam exclusively on family laws related topics. Furthermore, the CFLS is backed by the good word of their fellow attorneys in the community and the judges they have appeared before. It is safe to say that when you select a Certified Family Law Specialist, you are selecting a professional who has earned this designation. By study, practice, and praise among those in the community, they’ve gone a long, long way to prove that you definitely have the right person for the job.

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